For the contraction of convenience for this contract. Herein after refer  갑

 as 'PART A"   import & export for production and trade.

을' as "PART B"

Both A and B agreed to produce of hereby stated goods in DALIAN, CHINA.

article  1. (direction) :Produced goods and delivered hereby specified terms and conditions by "PART B"

article 2. (Shipping Date) : 06. 09. 2015

article 3. (Guaranty of Quality) : Goods of Quality is follow 'PART A' of instructions.

article 4. (Payment) :T.T Base

article 5. part "a" shuold deliver all materials of textile hereby specified trems and conditions.

article 6. More or less 5% acceptable quantity and amount.

article.7. Subsidiary Materials is included in Processing Fee.

article 8. (Shipping Port) :

In withness where of both parties here to have executed this contract in duplicate on the date

stifulated above, writen with each remaining one copy

이거해석가능한능력자있냐 있으면 해석좀해주라 ㅠㅠ